Bas Möllenkramer


De trainings- en cursusactiviteiten van Möllenkramer Training zijn beëindigd
The training and course activities of Möllenkramer Training have ended



Hieronder volgen enkele links naar hobby websites van Bas Möllenkramer
Here are a few links to hobby websites of Bas Möllenkramer

* Discography of Iron Butterfly and a special page for their early non-Atco releases

* Website for Rhodesian band the Holy Black (also known as Holly Black)

* Website for rare 16 RPM music LP's

* Website for South African band The Flames / The Flame and their members

* Discography of 1970 Dutch psychedelic band Ahora Mazda (work in progress)

* Debut LP by The Nice, The Thoughts Of Emerlist Davjack Mono Version
























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