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Sales Training

Increasing sales through better communication skills

We provide in-company training aimed at increasing sales results through better communication skills. New trainees can be taken through a complete and balanced step-by-step plan for improving skills in many areas of customer communication. Even experienced staff will benefit from refresher courses aimed at specific improvement plans. Listening to your customers and achieving a clear understanding of both their needs and their wishes is the key to starting a mutually beneficial dialogue leading to effective sales.

Here are a few examples of training topics:

Making Appointments by Telephone

Cold acquisition calls to new prospects is a fascinating process and will deliver important results. It is one of the most important means of broadening your customer base for the future. Cold acquisition becomes easier once you implement a few simple methods and rehearse them in a training.


The Sales Visit

Listening is the basis for a successful sales visit. The next question you ask your customer follows logically if you learn to listen really well. Listening skills are easy to learn in a protected training environment. Closing the sales visit with a successful order is the reward.


Dealing with Objections

Objections occur in every sales discussion. In most cases an objection should not be viewed as a refusal. You will learn skills to turn an objection into a more positive look on your proposal. During this training you will learn how to smoothly continue after an objection.


Selling the Value

A discussion on price is a turning point in any sales meeting. The price is important for your customer. It is your challenge to relate the price to the advantages your proposal offers your customer and strengthen these advantages in your customer’s mind.


Dealing with Complaints

Departing customers don’t complain. Complaining customers need your solutions in future. By dealing with complaints in the right way, you will get new business from your customer and even strengthen your working relationship. You will learn the required skills in a fascinating session.


Presentation Skills

A good presentation is a sales visit with a group of customers. During a few easy-going sessions, you will learn how to prepare yourself for your presentation and how to deal with questions or interruptions from your audience. But most of all you will learn how to achieve peace of mind.


Writing a Proposal with a Quotation

You can learn how to write a proposal that stands apart. Sending your customer a quotation is another opportunity to sell your solution. You will learn how to write a proposal in such a way that your customer clearly recognizes his requirements and conditions.


Prospect Maintenance

While your customer is considering your proposal and others, it is vital to stay in touch in the right way. Often it is even possible to have your customer decide in your favour sooner. Staying in charge of a running project while work pressure mounts up is the skill of a sales professional.


Booth Etiquette

Selling at exhibitions is a valuable way to do business with existing but especially new customers. You will learn how to approach a new customer in the most disarming way and how to make plans for the future.